About Barbara Din

Visual artist, graphic designer, interior designer, crafter, musician. I have infinite and ever growing interests and I can't stop thinking about ways to create new things all the time.

I am, more than anything, an explorer. I'm always avid to make new discoveries, new connections, find new solutions, mix unrelated things, make new recipes; get excited by good outcomes and learn from bad ones. I truly think that art and science have A LOT in common. I try to show my passion for knowledge and how that makes us grow in every aspect of life.

I have many and varied interests when it comes to art (and everything else, really), and this tends to go against the current marketing rules that state that you have to find your niche and be a specialist. For many years I felt like some kind of freak, that couldn’t commit to any one thing, and that it is a very problematic and wrong characteristic to have. But in the last few years I started to realize that there are many, many people that are the same way and, upon further investigation, I came to the conclusion that it not only is quite natural, but also very useful. It is our current system that pushes us to ever greater levels of specialization. But that is a very deep topic, for a longer philosophical post.

With this new understanding, I decided to make my website with the premise that I will post and show everything I do and will not be shy about it. Because it not only is who I am, but also because now I know people will benefit from it. Mixing different techniques and art worlds will help others find things they wouldn’t otherwise. That is what, in turn, leads to new techniques and art movements.

So here you will find traditional art, digital art, crafts and many things in between, and it will hopefully inspire you not to be afraid to explore whatever interests you or makes you curious.

I kindly invite you to join my journey and interact with as much as you like. Browse the site, watch the videos, comment on the gallery images, or projects, or blog posts, ask questions, take a peek at the shop, it’s all there for you to explore!

Painting in progress