Derwent Inktense Blocks | Unboxing and Color Chart

Inktense is a product line by Derwent that has some unique properties: it’s water soluble ink that is permanent once it dries after having being activated (with water). The colors are very vibrant and beautiful. It’s available in pencils and blocks. If you want to find more about about it, go here.

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Derwent in any way (yet?) =) This was given as a gift to me by my partner and myself (yes, we both bought this for me as a birthday gift).

I got this set for my birthday (yay!) and when I was just about to open it to make a color chart, I thought it would interest many if I made a video. ‘Cause we can never get enough unboxing and color chart videos… right?

Of course I’d love to have the full set (of 72), but keep in mind that you can mix these and get so many more colors out of these 24. Maybe I’ll make a video in the future about good color mixes you can get with these (let me know if you’re interested!).

So, here’s the video, and some thoughts behind what you’ll see.
I’m using watercolor paper in the video. Other papers will give you less than desirable results.

I started by grabbing the blocks and scribbling directly onto the paper, but I realized two things: First, I wasn’t going to leave any dry parts. I was going to activate it all with water. After all, it is not only the way I like using Inktense the most, but also any dry parts that you do not activate will not be permanent. Second, I realized that they stained my fingers and I kept contaminating the next block I grabbed with the previous colors. I didn’t like that. So unless I have to cover a reaaaaally large area, I will most probably use the blocks like watercolor pans. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

So I decided to make the color chart directly with a water brush. It was way less messy and much more fun!

The only thing I found a bit lackluster was the fact that the name of the color wasn’t anywhere on the block, and the number (which was debossed) was very hard to read. So I decided to wrap a piece of masking tape around each block and write its number with a pen, so I wouldn’t be as confused.

Now with my color chart and numbers on each block I will find my colors easily!


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