Drifors – Abstract Painting

“Drifors” is a diptych abstract painting that I started more than a year ago, when I was exploring dripping as a painting technique. That’s why you won’t see the dripping part in the video, because I was trying things out, I didn’t record it.
Anyway, I have many paintings and projects started, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by them, so I make myself finish some to avoid the inner voice that says “you don’t finish what you start!”. Do you have one like that?
So, I grabbed these two little things and decided I’ll give them a go. And this is the result. I used acrylic paints on MDF. Each panel is 15×20 cm. It took me about 8 hours to complete, including the dripping part.
Interesting stuff: You’ll see me do something strange at some point in the video. They are fractals. Real fractals, unlike my digital ones, which I make with fractal graphic software on my computer.
In order for them to fit in their respective squares, I had to make plastic (or any non-porous surface) templates, one for each square I wanted to use this technique on, so the paint would only spread along that area. I never saw anybody doing this before. Maybe I should use it for other projects, too. I think the resulting piece is pleasing to the eye, but better still, have some elements to spark the curiosity (and/or imagination) of the viewer. What do you think?