Rockstros | Faces painted on rocks

I live in a quaint little town on the beach, so every now and then I go and collect some sea rocks and then I paint on them. I call this series “Rockstros”, which is a mix of the words “rock” and “rostro” (which means “face” in Spanish”).

My process begins by staring at the rock for quite some time until I find the creature that wants to come out of it, then I start painting.

In this video there are are some of the faces I paint on rocks:

I made this slide show back when I didn’t have any camera to record the painting process.

Now I do, so I recorded my latest, which actually has two faces instead of one!
Watch the full painting process below:

I use mostly acrylic paints, then I seal them with varnish, so they will last longer. They have been a great eye-catcher at my summer fair booth.

Here you have most of them, in a gallery. Click on them to see and comment on each one.

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