Digital Content Terms of Use

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By downloading or using any files (the “content”), you have conclusively accepted all of the terms and conditions of this License.

You are acquiring the right to use the content under specific circumstances, but not the ownership of the original content.

You  may use the content to create derivative projects for personal or commercial use, with these restrictions:

(1) You may not resell the original files, as is, in any venue.
(2) You may not redistribute and/or share the content in whole or in part.
(3) You may not re-save the content in another file format and redistribute it, either for sale or for free, in any venue.
(4) You shall not store the content any place where it could be used by another person or party (whether it is on a network or on the Internet).
(5) You shall not use the content in such a way that the original content could be extracted.
(6) You may not use the content to create a modified resource set, nor a set to be redistributed in a commercial or non-commercial form that is in direct competition with this product.
(7) You may not distribute, either for sale or for free, prints of the content as it comes in the digital files. This would only be changing formats from digital to physical and would still be redistribution, which is prohibited by this license.
(8) This license is non-transferable.

Note about commercial use:

You can use the content by incorporating it into a design or product of their own, which changes the original work in a transformative way, making it their own new design. Or, the images may be incorporated into print compositions which will be sold in a different form than than the original digital files. The digital files may not be resold as digital files. You can not resell or give away the original files, as is, in any way, such that the original content is competing against itself in the graphics market and thereby undermining the market value of the original content. This is the common sense behind copyright protections.
There are a million ways to use the content and create derivative products for commercial sale. But it cannot simply be repackaged with a new name and under a new design label, and provided for sale or for free, as is, or with changes so minor that “change” becomes a mere technicality.


(1) What does it mean “the original content could be extracted”?
It means that the resulting content doesn’t include the original content in a way that it can be separated and re-used. If it was the case, it is a way of redistribution, which is strictly forbidden in this license.
Some examples:
– If the original content exists inside a Photoshop layer, the resulting content must not be a layer that can be copied and pasted onto another image, design or file.
– If the original content is a Photoshop add-on (such as brushes, layer styles, actions or presets), the resulting content must not be an add-on (but it can be a bitmap image which used the add-on to be created, like a shape with a layer style applied, then flattened and saved as a bitmap image, like .jpg format).
– If the original content is a background, seamless tile or bitmap image, the resulting content must have something on it other than the original content. Simply altering the colors or sharpening it is not sufficient.
(2) Clarify the restriction on printing?
Simply put: you can’t just print the files and then give them away or sell them. You have to do something to them first: if it’s a coloring page, color it. If it’s an inchies page, cut them and use them in a composition of yours. Use them as a resource and not as the final product.