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Painting of Creatures from Planet Kush

Cute Monster paintings from Planet Kush

My partner started modeling with cold porcelain clay a few years ago, and while making these cute little monsters, he started to give names to each species and tell the buyers their stories while in the craft fair booth. Soon, a whole planet with full ecologies was being developed. He […]

Restriction as a Tool for Creativity

I wrote this short article for Renderosity Magazine. Check it out and let me know if you try this! Click Here for the article  

Night Scene on Canvas Slip-Ons

I had a friend’s birthday coming up and I didn’t know what to give him… something that he couldn’t buy himself. So I started thinking about what he likes wearing and remembered that he loves the canvas slip-ons that we here call “alpargatas”. So I decided to buy a pair […]

Xilo Doo Chic Series

Woodcut Adventures 2

In Woodcut Adventures I showed you how I carved a xilography block. In this post, I’m showing you how I made some test prints without a printing press and with acrylic paints, and then alter them with stuff, like more paint, eye shadow and ink. The idea, just like I […]

Drifors Diptych

Drifors – Abstract Painting

“Drifors” is a diptych abstract painting that I started more than a year ago, when I was exploring dripping as a painting technique. That’s why you won’t see the dripping part in the video, because I was trying things out, I didn’t record it. Anyway, I have many paintings and […]

Spontaneous Stencils

Spontaneous Stencils

Make your own quick stencils with just paper and a pair of scissors! A great way to enhance your art journal backgrounds, cards or even canvas painting. You can use spray ink, sponge dabbers with acrylic painting or distress inks. Here I’m showing you the process and some examples to […]

Jerin Pinky 2

Romantic Birds

These four little paintings came out of my love for birds and all things cute. When I see cute art, I love it. So it was my time to try and contribute! They’re all sold now, so I hope they are bringing a smile to someone in their new homes.

Woodcut Adventures

I started dabbling in woodcut printing (xilography) last year, and although I didn’t do much because I didn’t have access to a printing press, I really liked it. This year I went back attending printmaking classes and the woodcut bug bit me again. So, I decided to make a series […]

One Stroke Plus Doodles

One Stroke Plus Doodles – Mixed Media

Here you have me showing you the process for a practice piece in mixed media, using double loaded brush strokes in acrylics as the focal point. The idea here is to be casual and loose. Take it as an exercise. Don’t worry about making mistakes. If it happens, use it […]